Celebrating 20 years of business!

Remon Fino, M.D.

The Gold Standard of Caring for Back, Nerve and Joint Pain Relief.

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The Gold Standard

Dr. Fino and his staff are committed to delivering the highest levels of care and compassion to anyone suffering from spine, joint or nerve pain.  Achieving the Gold Standard of caring begins with providing an efficient and pleasant environment for every patient. 

Dr. Fino employs the latest methods of diagnosis including nerve conduction study, electromyography, diagnostic spinal injections and discography, as well as traditional diagnostic imaging modalities such as x-rays and MRI’s.  Identifying the source of pain is the most important step in the process of managing pain and restoring function. 

Primary care physicians may refer patients with pain, not responding to therapy and medication, to a specialist such as Dr. Fino.  Patients seeking the latest non-surgical medical techniques to assist them in the management of pain can benefit from Dr. Fino’s proven, non-surgical treatments.